Friday, January 19, 2007

a way ahead for bazaars

There is a need for interactions with the city administrative authorities to understand their approach to bazaars, the constraints, if any and to attempt to complement their efforts by developing a planning strategy that maximizes the resources available and acknowledges and supports the role vendors can play in the making of bazaars. It is also hoped that bazaars will not become only centers of exchanging merchandise but continue to be centers of social interaction as well.

We have all been at some time or another fascinated by our experience of the bazaar. If each of us begins to think about the bazaar and what we can do for it in our own way, each of these small steps at a different time and a different place will begin to support the evolution of the bazaar. It is possible that we will have in the future, market environments that meet our changing aspirations and still enthrall as did the bazaars of old.

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