Friday, February 29, 2008

the "Bakery" in the Indian marketplace

We have in India the "bakery" which sells factory-made bread or the locally made "bun". But, this is only one of the hundred odd items for sale here. It is actually the convenience store.

It is only another version of the kirana shop or the "mom and pop traditional corner stores" as they are being referred to today. Here, you sometimes can buy your dals, cereals, spices and other groceries and sometimes not. The shopfront in this bakery is usually lined with large glass jars that hold home-made nankatais (cookies) and locally made bread.

It sells plastic brushes, plastic bags, plastic tea cups. Today, this bakery is also where you can buy your prepaid cellphone card.

"All those who expect big retailers like Walmart to come in and devour small kirana shops should pause and think. Can Big Retail really do that? Just look at what the average kirana store offers the average Indian household" writes Gaurav Sabnis, in an interesting article linked here : Kirana will still Rule