Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rythu Bazaar

Rythu bazaar or Farmer's market is a concept that was developed in the late 90's and implemented in the 23 districts of Andhra Pradesh by the then Chief Minister, Chandrababu Naidu. The inspiration came from the Apni Mandi, a similar experiment in Punjab.

The project was initiated to :
1. Eliminate middlemen
2. Bring more profits to the farmers
3. Make vegetables cheaper for the consumer
4. Make available fresh vegetables to the public
The entrance to the Rythu bazaar at M.V.P.Colony in Visakhapatnam

The bus that brought the farmers from their homes in the nearby villages to Visakhapatnam and took them back in the evening

The dustbins at the Rythu bazaars. Other than the fruits and vegetables sold here, the government had also allocated a few stalls within each Rythu bazaar for Dairy products and for home-made Pickles

The stalls were constructed in Brick and Cement plaster for side walls with an asbestos cement sheet for roofing

The mandate was as follows :
  • Physical markets to be created close to the areas of consumption
  • Actual growers to be identified and requested to bring their produce
  • Land to be made available for the Rythu bazaars in towns and cities with A.P.State
  • Permanent infrastructure with support systems to be constructed
  • Farmers with identity cards only to be permitted to sell
  • Special buses to pick up the farmers from their villages to be arranged
  • Storage facilities to be made available
  • Co-ordination to be encouraged between revenue, marketing and horticulture departments to ensure smooth functioning
  • Additional essential commodities like pulses and edible oils to be sold at controlled prices
The prices of the vegetables would be written out every morning on this Blackboard that occupied a prominent place at the entrance to the Bazaar

On one side of the Bazaar were the offices of the "Estate Officer" who addressed the needs of both vendors and the customers

Here is a link to an article by The Hindu Business Line, on AP Rythu Bazaars : a success with vast scope, Jan 08, 2004

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