Wednesday, May 12, 2010

World Travel & the Lonely Planet Bloggers

What is World travel all about? One way of looking at this is to believe that there are two kinds of people – those who want to travel the world and those who do not. The ones who read, think and dream about travelling the world eventually do travel the world and each time they are in a new place, they are ensconced in a world of discovery and delight. The ones who say they are not the traveller kind, also do travel somewhere, sometime.

I had always been contented to live in my own little world. When I travelled outside of my country for the first time, it was to go away from India for a period of study. More than anything else, the travel brought the realisation that moving away for a while means creating a lens from which you see your own world so differently. You can zoom in and zoom out and look at it this way and that. The lines of vision increase with every stepping back and most times you return to your point of origin with a deeper understanding than ever before.

So, whether you love travel or you don’t, whether you have dreamt of seeing the world or you haven’t, if world travel comes your way, do give it a thought. And, before you take the final leap, look up the Squidoo lens created by the Lonely Planet bloggers. It may be just the lens you need to make the final choices, to be at the right place at the right time.

This is a collection of travel writing from all over the world brought into one webpage by those who love to travel and those who never thought world travel could change them forever. These are feeds from current articles on each of their blogs that appear also on’s destination pages as part of LP’s BlogSherpa program. Its been wonderful to be a part of the Lonely Planet program because as we share our thoughts each day, we learn so much more than we would on our own. So, welcoming you to join us!

Click here for the Squidoo lens : World Travel by the Lonely Planet Bloggers

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radha said...

Will definitely bookmark the site. Lonely Planet books kept me busy on my trip to London and Paris. I may be slightly strange in that I like to read the book on the journey back. The description comes to life!
As you said, travel does make one look at 'your own world' differently, and that is why I probably like to visit different blogs, read their point of view. Another way to see the world differently.