Thursday, August 11, 2011

the Garland makers in the Bazaar

Walking along Gandhi Bazaar in Bangalore, my eyes suddenly stopped at this garland which was swirling in the hands of the flower-seller. Two hands tenderly moving as a silver thread twined around the red flowers and the garland moved itself acquiescently to gather its adornment.

The flower seller was both the craftsman and the vendor. A little distance away, another flower seller was stringing jasmine flowers. And further ahead, there were more flowers and more craftsmen.


Anjali Koli said...

Kiran nice capture. We take these simple pleasures in our stride my times. Loved the perspective of craftsman and vendor, never thought of it that way.

radha said...

Very aptly described. And they are good at both the skills.

Nisha said...

Your video made me smile. :)
Do have a look at mine here.

I had shot this while on backpacking trip to interiors of Tamil Nadu.

Indian Bazaars said...

Anjali: Thanks.

Radha: So true. And, one just watches as they converse with a customer, allow the bargaining to flow in, with their hands continuing to move deftly at the making of the garland.

Nisha: Thanks for sharing the link!

Anil P said...

And how swiftly he does it. And also the way the garland rotates around itself.

S.. Diva said...

wohooo.. not sure how i landed here. Gandhi Bazaar is my old neighborhood and this video rocks for me!!!


Indian Bazaars said...

Anil: It's quite a skill, isn't it? The garland-making, the making of bamboo baskets, or even the way tender coconut is cut with such dexterity, one does get to see so much on our streets!

Sneo: Thanks.