Thursday, December 08, 2011

Marketplaces around the world: an archival film

A really interesting film with a narration that reminded me so much of the way the film ‘Citizen Kane’ begins, the same tone, the same excitement! Perhaps, the identity of the american radio broadcasts from the 1940s and ’50s – a time that many of us know about only through the Hollywood films and now also from historical archives that get online like this one!



Anjali said...

What a wonderful video! This free sharing can happen only on the internet.

radha said...

So quaint. Love to go back in time. To think we were so excited when the first malls came up! Little did we know that these scenes were to disappear altogether.

Indian Bazaars said...

Anjali: That's so true.

Radha: The newness of a change does recede, until it comes back again in a story or in a film making us go back in time, as if our lives were like the pendulum moving sometimes this way and sometimes that way with time being where it always was.