Tuesday, February 06, 2007

'To the cliff'

‘To the cliff’ and ‘To the beach’ are signs so common. You know this must be the most important part of Varkala. It is also where the Bazaar is. You move in the direction of the sea. The cliff runs along the coastline, along the beach. Varkala, in Kerala, is probably one of the only ‘On the Cliff Bazaars’ in India, facing the sea. There are cafes, restaurants and the many colours of the indian textiles that the foreigners fill their moments with. The restaurant tables have cane chairs that face only in one direction, towards the waters.

The many craft shops that the bazaar has, are interspersed with ayurvedic treatment centres too. And, there are the several “German Bakery” boards everywhere as you walk along the cliff. They sell wholewheat bread and croissants and cinnamon rolls. There are the “internet cafes” and the “STD booth”. There’s the sign that says ‘Oriental Food Court’ or ‘Foods of the Orient – Specialities of Thailand’. There are one or two places that serve Kerala meals. Varkala has the sun, the sand and the sea. It also has the cliff, the tourists and the bazaar.

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