Monday, April 02, 2012

Bazaars of India - a listing

This is the start of a cumulative list of blogposts on Bazaars of India.

I’d like to thank fellow bloggers who have already shared their links or written guest posts:

Bazaar writings from Windy Skies by Anil Purohit
Fashion street in Mumbai  by Radha Vijay
Life in Colour  by Laura Mannering
Markets in Chennai by Rekha Vijayshankar
Market Diary: Sassoon docks in Mumbai Laura Mannering

If some of you would be able to share your memories of the markets you know and can write a guest post for Indian Bazaars, it would be very much appreciated.

For sharing links and suggestions, please do leave a comment on this blogpost or write an email to: kiranmkeswani(at)gmail(dot)com

The list continues here:
Before the malls, there were the markets (This is about the Old Madras markets, written by V.Sriram, a well-known historian of Chennai)
The Markets of Vadodara by Neha S.
Shoe, Shave and Key stalls at 'Street Vendors' (In this blog, every post tells us something really interesting about street vendors in India and elsewhere and also shares an interesting collection of vintage photographs of bazaars of old)
India's village markets with a tribal twist at 'Lonely Planet'
Creating Streets for Hawkers and Walkers at 'India lives in her cities too'
Hampi Part 5 - The Hampi Bazaar at 'A Wandering Mind'
Malli to Nalli at 'Le Monde'
French & Czech signs in Agra shops at 'Travel Tales from India'
Crawford market calling at 'Itchy Feet'
Hindi Cinema in Poster form, at a Mumbai shop at 'Intransit Blog - New York Times'
The Wholesale flower market at Dadar at 'Mumbai Magic'
Chor Bazaar again! at 'Mumbai Magic'
I visit the Wholesale market at Vashi at 'Mumbai Magic'

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