Monday, April 02, 2012

Marketplaces of the World - a listing

This is the start of a cumulative list of blogposts on Marketplaces of the World.

I’d like to thank fellow bloggers who have already shared their links or written guest posts here:
The Marketplace– a Lonely Planet Blog Carnival - Lonely Planet Bloggers
Keswick Market in Cumbria – by Radha Vijay of 'Musings of a Night Owl'
Witches Market – by Meena Venkataraman of 'Travel Tazzels'
Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam – by Hasti Tarekat

If you have written earlier about a Marketplace anywhere in the world and can share the link, I’d like to add it to the list here. If you can write a guest post on a market that you have visited recently or not yet written about, that would be very welcome too.

For sharing links and suggestions, please do leave a comment on this blogpost or write an email to: kiranmkeswani(at)gmail(dot)com

The list continues here:
Bengali Bazaars (in Bangladesh) at 'I Should Cocoa'
The Food Bazaars...who needs organic? at 'I was in Turkey'
La Boqueria Market at 'I drink my tea sweet'
Iran: Bazaars of Shiraz at 'Ramble and Wander'
Sixth Street Market in Cincinnati at 'Blog at'
Istanbul: bazaars, boza, fish bread, palimpsest at 'Hearthstrung'

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radha said...

Thank you Kiran for letting me post on your blog. It is inevitable that I think of you and this blog when visiting a bazaar!