Monday, January 14, 2008

Bazaars and Indigenous design

Bazaars are a valuable study in indigenous thought that stems from the “education” of the vendor who has learnt intrinsically from his surrounding natural environment and from his “non-education” which understands design to be a collective effort. There is nothing that belongs to a pre-planned aesthetic or to a designer’s style. Space and Place are both seen as an outcome of random forces in nature and man’s individual and collective responses to it.

The YouTube film is by isoguruvinod. Here is a link to their website:

The vendors who belong to the bazaar adapt to the people who enter and leave the bazaar and to their needs in terms of the spatial configurations and the visual displays they generate as a way of selling better.

In the cities, on the one hand, markets are being built by the Municipal Corporations with better infrastructure but they may lack local flavour and the vigour of the lives of the Indian people. On the other hand, malls are being constructed in small and big cities and retail shopping takes on a new direction.