Friday, December 22, 2006

The Design of Bazaars

Our cities no longer have the character and beauty that Indian towns once had. We need to design differently and design coherently. We need constant support from our local administrative bodies. Infrastructure is often more than drainage system, parking lots and water supply pipes. Planners will find that there are human factors that have often been overlooked. The vendors may like to create their own spatial patterns and such creations may be more appropriate for them as well as for the buyers. These individual inputs put together carefully by the authorities and the public may create environments that are both functional and aesthetically indigenous.

It is important for us to design our markets well, so that they are easy to maintain and to keep clean. The health of the entire town or city may be affected by the hygienic conditions prevalent in our marketplaces since that is where the food supplies enter the city. So, while we may appreciate the traditional elements enmeshed within the changing environment of the markets, we need to also resolve the practical problems faced by vendors and users.

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