Saturday, December 23, 2006

Planning for the Transition

Today, most towns and cities find it difficult to improve on existing markets because it is difficult to temporarily relocate the market elsewhere. Within the city, there is often no area available to insert a new market. The available option is usually to relocate them to the peripheral areas which are not so well connected by public transport or even if they are, customers find it tedious to travel large distances for their daily shopping. With markets, it is almost impossible to start work at any time and put up a board that says,


This just won’t work. So, how does one solve this practical problem, which is often the reason for municipalities being unable to improve market zones. Strategies need to be worked out in collaboration with the petty traders so that small parts of the market can be redone at a time. This sequential planning can only be executed with the help of people’s involvement in the project.

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