Saturday, February 10, 2007

Signages at Varkala, Signages anywhere

At some time, signage begins to merge with advertising. A trader needs to announce what he has. He also needs to announce that what he has is better than what another has. Several traders sell the same commodity. How he “packages” and how he “signages” begin to matter. The bazaar in Varkala stretches itself along the 2 km long laterite cliff and has a spectacular view of the Lakshadweep Sea. The signages sit against the backdrop of the aquamarine waters and the green coconut palms.

The role of the user in a Bazaar is an important one. When this target audience or user is an indian, his aesthetic sense prefers the modern, the contemporary. When the user is a foreign visitor, his aesthetic sense for the moment, prefers the “indian” and the “tradtional”. During the season, the months of December and January, Varkala is populated with Europeans and Americans. Some come for a short stay, to enjoy the beach. Others come for a long stay, to learn yoga and meditation. Since the foreigner pays a better price for both commodity and service, the signages and packaging must often reflect his tastes. How does a local Varkala trader know what these tastes are? He asks, He learns. There is a hidden story in Signages at Varkala, as in Signages anywhere.

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